Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lone Star State of Mind

Hi everyone,

Today I met with David “The Admiral” Robinson of the Antonio Spurs. A generous humanitarian for decades, David and his wife Valerie opened the Carver Academy, a non-profit private school in San-Antonio Texas with a socio-economically a culturally diverse K-6 student body, in 2001. The academy provides some fantastic, unusual opportunities for all of its students, such as ballet lessons and broadcasting/recording education. Each of the 120 students is also required to learn three foreign languages: Japanese, German, and Spanish.

Over the past nine years, the school has produced a multitude of well-rounded alumni, and continues to promote leadership, discipline, initiative, and integrity. The stylish Mr. Robinson kindly posed for this picture.

Read a New York Times article on the Carver Academy here

Since most of the schools students are attending on scholarship, it is imperative that the school receive supplemental funding to continue operating. Please consider donating to this terrific institution.


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